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Big 12 Football Predictions

The 2010 college football season is a few weeks from starting and a couple weeks after that, BIG 12 play will begin. In the final season of the “BIG 12” many teams look to return to their usual winning ways, some will most likely struggle, and some will come out

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Big Stage 1, Royals 0.

On Sunday, the 4th of July in sunny Anaheim, California, the Royals were finally given their chance to shine in the national spotlight when ESPN granted them a prime time slot on “Sunday Night Baseball.” It was the perfect opportunity for those watching, to grab a new perspective on the

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Is there a position player on the Royals that would start for any other team in the MLB?

Is there a position player on the Kansas City Royals that would start for any other team in the MLB?

Below is where each starting player ranks among the others at their position in the MLB.

PLAYER                                 HR                          RBI                         AVE.

Butler                                    23rd                        18th                         6th

Aviles                                    25th                         33rd                        8th

Betimit                                 29th                         37th                         5th

Betancourt                         5th                           5th                           22nd


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Kansas Jayhawks Football Tickets

With Big 12 Media Days upon us this week, fans everywhere are buzzing about college football.  The college football season starts over Labor Day weekend, and this will be the first chance fans will get to get see their team take to the field.  If you are a Jayhawk like

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