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Big Stage 1, Royals 0.

On Sunday, the 4th of July in sunny Anaheim, California, the Royals were finally given their chance to shine in the national spotlight when ESPN granted them a prime time slot on “Sunday Night Baseball.” It was the perfect opportunity for those watching, to grab a new perspective on the

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Welcome to the new Big 12

With all the talk of super conferences flying about last week it seems all ended in a whimper.  No big super conferences came to be with Nebraska and Colorado leaving the ten teams stay the same and the Big 12 is alive for right now.  You’re asking “right now” what

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The Kansas Jayhawks defeated #5 Kansas State Wildcats 82-65 last night at Allen Fieldhouse.   Xavier Henry led the Jayhawks with 19 points.  Following the game, Sherron Collins gave his senior night speech and thanked many including friends, parents, fans, and coaches.

What is next for the Jayhawks?  The Big 12 Tournament starts

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Allen Fieldhouse Home Court Advantage

Allen Fieldhouse is one of the most exciting places to watch a college basketball game.  National broadcasters including ESPN’s Andy Katz and Jay Bilas have both noted Allen Fieldhouse as one of the best places to watch a college basketball game.    The combination of the excitement of the fans

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Kansas Basketball Players – NBA Draft

With the NBA Finals now over, attention now turns to the upcoming NBA draft this Thursday.  This is always an exciting event to track your favorite players and see which NBA team will end up taking the college players we have watched for years (or in some cases only one

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Big 12? Big JOKE.

Just sit back and laugh folks. What a funny joke we have here.
The Big 12, or what once was, is all but over. Lets face the facts. Although stories are flying out the roof with who plans to go where, the destuction of this conference is NOT about people,

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