NCAA Women’s Volleyball Tournament: The Final Four

The NCAA Women’s Volleyball tournament is nearing an end and the final four teams are here in Kansas City. Get ready for an awesome showdown between #1 ranked Penn State, #2 Florida, #3 Stanford and #5 Nebraska.


NCAA Women’s Volleyball Team: #1 Penn State

NCAA women's volleyball

Image courtesy of Penn State Women’s Volleyball on Twitter

The number 1 ranked Penn State is headed to KC after a win over Michigan State. Earlier in the season, Penn State took its only loss of the season to… Nebraska. Nebraska beat the Nittany Lions in a 3-0 sweep. The girls have made up quite the stats since then.

  • 33-1 record
  • Win streak of 23 matches
  • Haven’t lost a match since September
  • 7 Titles since 1992

NCAA Women’s Volleyball Team: #2 Florida

NCAA women's volleyball

Image courtesy of Gators Volleyball on Twitter

Head Coach Mary Wise has the experience and ability to these Gators to a championship come December 16th. In her 27th season as the head of the program, Wise is ready to make the plays she needs to and hopefully bring home a Championship to Florida.

  • 29-1 record
  • Win streak of 15 matches
  • First time making it to the semifinals in the last decade


NCAA Women’s Volleyball Team: #3 Stanford


NCAA women's volleyball

Image courtesy of

The reigning champs of the NCAA women’s volleyball tournament last year, the Stanford volleyball team is looking to make repeat of last year and take home the trophy.

  • 30-3 record
  • Win streak of 9 matches
  • 7 Titles since 1992

NCAA Women’s Volleyball Team: #5 Nebraska

NCAA women's volleyball

Image courtesy of Husker Volleyball on Twitter

The women’s volleyball team of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, lead by coach John Cook, recently took home the NCAA championship trophy back in 2015. Now, the Cornhuskers need to upset the Nittany Lions to make it to the Championship round!

  • 30-4 record
  • Win streak of 17 matches
  • 4 Titles since 1992



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