$10 Kansas City Chiefs Tickets

The Kansas City Chiefs kick off the 2010 season next month at Arrowhead Stadium.  It’s time to start organizing the group for a trip out to see the new Arrowhead Stadium.   The new Arrowhead has brand new amenities and stadium concourses that fans are sure to enjoy.  Many people think that it’s too expensive to go out to a Chiefs game.  But did you know you can go for as little as $10?  That’s cheaper than a movie and so much more memorable.  At that price, you should load up the mini-van with the kids, so they can go experience their first Chiefs game.  At ticketsforless.com , you can purchase tickets to the Chiefs preseason games for only $10 each.  The Kansas City Chiefs have two preseason games at Arrowhead Stadium.  The first game is on Friday, August 27th, against the Philadelphia Eagles.  The other game is on Thursday, September 2nd, against the Green Bay Packers.  Both games are great match ups, and it’s the perfect opportunity to get the first look at the 2010 Chiefs.  Don’t wait.  With $10 Arrowhead Stadium tickets, they are sure to go fast.  So visit ticketsforless.com today, and get the best selection of  Chiefs tickets.

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