Johnny “Football” Makes Decision

Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel publicly announced that he will be leaving his school to enter the 2014 NFL draft. After a long decision making process, which involved conversations with his family and coaches, Johnny “Football” decided that his talents are suited and developed enough for the National Football League. Manziel plans to spend some time in San Diego with his private QB coach in order to prepare himself for pre-draft workouts.

The decision to take his talents to the NFL can probably be attributed to a couple of different points. First, Johnny “Football” is going to be able to use his skills and marketability to rake in a good chunk of change. Over the last couple of years, Manziel has brought in loads of media attention reaching notoriety throughout the country. Not all of the attention was good but it definitely increased his marketability. Through endorsement deals alone he is sure to bring in millions. On top of his endorsement deals, Manziel has the opportunity to cash in on his future NFL contract. The last Heisman trophy winner drafted was Robert Griffin III who received $21.1 million over his four-year deal. Manziel, who is projected to be drafted in the first round, will most likely receive a salary comparable to that of RGIII. Although he already comes from a wealthy family with oil money, the chance to make his own through the sport he loves is obviously desirable.

Another reason “JF” may have decided to enter the draft could be the idea of becoming an even bigger star in the state of Texas. The Houston Texas are in desperate need of a quarterback and drafting Manziel is highly probable. Houston is only 100 miles from college station which would make his transition much easier. The Texans already have a fan-base who follows and adores Manziel which would help ease the process from college to the pros.

With the NFL focusing more and more on mobile quarterbacks, which Manziel surely is, deciding to go to the NFL this year is probably his best choice. Not to say that there won’t be an enormous amount of adjusting for the young QB but his talents and perseverance should allow for him to be a success.

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