2011 Chiefs draft outlook

The first two years in the Scott Pioli era have been interesting to say the least. I think everyone was shocked at his first overall choice as GM of the Chiefs when he selected Tyson Jackson. It was well known that our biggest need at the time was offensive line and the quarterback situation was the maybe the least stable in the league.

Then out of nowhere, Pioli magically works a deal with New England to bring Cassel and Vrabel over. Even with the latest occurrences, I think we all agree that was a solid move for the franchise. It’s moves like this that make you think a little bit. It’s moves like this that make Pioli live up to his hype as a puppet master to “anything NFL.”

I can already differentiate between Carl Peterson and Scott Pioli in a major way. It’s very clear to me that after a Carl Peterson draft the players don’t make an impact right away. I’d give a rough estimation that for every 50 Carl Peterson draft picks, 5 of them end up evolving into a solidfied NFL Veteran that produces. (10%) Keep in mind this is not quite exact, but its a rough idea to illustrate this difference.

As you can see below, Pioli has hand picked 16 players so far. I think 7 of those players can be qualified as making a big impact since their arrival. (43%)


1  DE Tyson Jackson

2 Trade for Cassel and Vrabel

3 DT Alex Magee

4 Cb Donald Washington

5 OT Colin Brown

6 WR Quinten Lawrence

7 Rb Javarris Williams, TE Jake O’Connell, K Ryan Succop


1 S Eric Berry

2 Rb McCluster, CB Arenas

3 TE Moleaki, OL Asamoah

5 S Kendrick Lewis, LB Cameron Sheffield

So, at this point I’d like to think I TRUST Pioli and his decsion making process. He hasn’t given me a reason (as of now) to discriminate his drafting nature. So I’ll leave it alone until proven otherwise.

As for next year, we need to fill some gaps. I think we lack in these areas, which may be obvious to some.

We need a versatile, play making wide receiver. (We need a Santonio Holmes, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne type of player) Someone that compliments the powerhouse, block of steel, ???Pro Bowler??? Dwayne Bowe.

I like Miami WR Leonard Hankerson. He is a big guy at 6-3, but is quick. If he is off the board, the next alternative would be Boise State speedster, Titus Young. A smaller, jet pack type of player that has the ablilty to split defenses.

In the playoff game against Baltimore we needed a wide receiver. Bowe didn’t even catch a pass.

Next would be an offensive lineman. Demarcus Love from Arkansas

Speed, size, athleticism. A Michael Oher type of player.

Third pick, we take a quarterback. His name is Pat Delvin from Delaware State. The last quarterback to come out of that school was Joe Flacco. Delvin is a similar type of player with size and arm strength. Delaware has  nack for producing these NFL protoype players. Delvin, in addtion to his physical qualities, carries the mentality neccesary for quick and accurate NFL decisons in the passing game.

The draft is still months away, but I’m finally starting to beleive we have the right man in charge to make the best choice when the clock is ticking.

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