Put it in the books! The division has been decided. Yost is convinced. Obviously he didn’t quite say it like that. He is saying that there is a chance if the Kansas City Royals can go on a winning streak and the other teams kind of slump. We have a chance. I think that is what Yost is saying. I do like the attitude. Actually I think he does have a point. The biggest issue is that there are 3 teams in front of them that they have to pass. Even that can be explained away because all three teams and the Kansas City Baseball team will be playing each other. Assuming the Royals are successful in those games we might have a chance.

Also do keep in mind that we are only half way through the season. As Bob Dutton said in his article in the Star there is a precedent. The Chicago White Sox were under .500 on June 8th and were 9 ½ back and now look at them, they are contending.

Also, in Dutton’s article he quoted Yost himself that he recalled being 10 back with the Braves at All Star break and they ended up winning the division.

All that said I all ready have my campaign on ice waiting for the time to come soon. Hopefully it has a long enough code date.

I will be visiting Kaufman Stadium a lot this summer and fall doing my part to help the Kansas City Baseball team to the pennant. If you would like to help the Royals as well you can sit in the best of seats for a reasonable price at . You can give them a call at 913-685-3322 or visit them on line at

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