Big 12 Basketball Rankings

Big 12 conference play kicks off this weekend with #8 Missouri at Colorado Saturday afternoon. Also starting their Big 12 play tomorrow is #17 Kansas State @ Oklahoma State and #16 Texas A&M @ Oklahoma. The Big 12 has gotten a little bit of a shake up since the beginning of the year. The heavy pre-season favorite to win, Kansas State, has had several issues on and off the court so far this season. They got picked apart by Duke, missed almost 20 shots in a row in a loss to Florida and then lost to the under maned UNLV team after the Pullen and Kelley suspensions. But the good news for K-State and all the other Big 12 teams that have struggled so far is that a new season is about to start. With the new season about to start, here’s the new standings for the Big 12.

1. Kansas
2. Missouri
3. Texas A&M
4. Iowa State
5. Nebraska
6. Oklahoma State
7. Texas
8. Kansas State
9. Baylor
10. Colorado
11. Oklahoma
12. Texas Tech

Obviously these standings will change frequently until the end of the season, some teams have benefited from a very soft schedule so far. But things a starting to clear up, like Kansas has emerged as the dominating favorite yet again. I would expect Texas and K-State to settle down and move their way back up the standings. By the end of the year this is going to be a very strong conference. I would expect 7 teams in the big dance when it comes down to it (Kansas, Missouri, Texas, K-State, Texas A&M, Baylor and maybe Oklahoma State). Of those teams I would also expect Kansas, K-State and Missouri to a 3 seed or better.

To see any of these Big 12 games at any of their venues including the historic Allen Fieldhouse visit or call their friendly staff at 913-685-3322.

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