Big 12? Big JOKE.

Just sit back and laugh folks. What a funny joke we have here.
The Big 12, or what once was, is all but over. Lets face the facts. Although stories are flying out the roof with who plans to go where, the destuction of this conference is NOT about people, geographic locations, or flat out disagreements.
Former Kansas football coach Mark Mangino was right all along…It’s about “dollar signs.”
Ya know, these guys $$$$.
Unforunately this is the case. Unfortunately money talks and money over rules everything. Everything.
Tradition doesn’t exist anymore. Not in pro sports, not in college sports.

In the eyes of the athletic director, it’s no longer a fight to put your team on the map through winning, it’s a fight to get your team to the top, get them tv deals, get them bowl invites, get them national exposure, build THE BEST facilties, sign the best coach to the biggest contract, and after one or two years, funnel your top notch college talent to the pro levels, uneducated, undetermined, and unprepared.
It’s not about people, it’s about money.

By this time we know a few things.

1. Colorado is a member of the Pac 10

2. Nebraska is a member of the Big 10

3. The Big 12 is over. There is no saving it.

AS I write this, the SEC  is supposedly interested in obtaining Texas and Oklahoma. Which seems to be the best fit for a former Big 12 team so far. If that were to happen, that leaves Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Baylor, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, KU, MU, and K State without homes.

The Mountain West has expressed interest in bringing on MU, KU and K State. Which would knock three more teams off the list. If this happens, we can go ahead and proclaim this relaignment as a tragedy.

The Big 12 was perfect the way it used to be. Full of tradition, rivalries, and organization. Kansas City was the perfect spot for the Big 12 Tourney and the new football stadium in Dallas was the best venue to play a conference title game.

It’s an easy transition for the teams that couldnt stay on the mountain, like Nebraska and Colorado. They could never compete. They always were beat by the big brother.

It’s easy for the big shots like the Texas schools and OU to leave. They love the money, and moving to a bigger better conference wll just add to their already over loaded pockets.

So I understand, from that perspective.

But it’s the hardest for the Kansas, Kansas State and Missoui type folks that were well aware they didn’t have the best recruiting attractions, they didn’t have the biggest alumni donors, they didn’t have the biggest media outlets….but they held their own in the Big 12. They competed. They didnt let the southern schools run over them. They made the conference interesting.

Now, because of money, just money… This conference is a thing of the past.

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