Big 12 Football Predictions

The 2010 college football season is a few weeks from starting and a couple weeks after that, BIG 12 play will begin. In the final season of the “BIG 12” many teams look to return to their usual winning ways, some will most likely struggle, and some will come out of the woodwork to surprise many.

As far as the North is concerned, many analysts are already giving Nebraska the edge over the rest of the field. With many key starters returning, the Huskers could reclaim fame not only in the midwest, but nationally as well. Personally, I think Nebraska will lose to Washington which is their biggest non conference game of the season. With that said, it’s still hard to pick anyone but them to be the favorite in the North due to the large loss of talent at Kansas, the recent inconsistency of Missouri and Kansas State and the fact the Iowa State is still spinning their wheels in search of a winning season.

North Predictions

1. Nebraska

2. Missouri

3.  K State

4. Kansas

5. Colorado

6 Iowa State

The South is a little more difficult to predict a winner since the talent is still flourishing on a more broader perspective. Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma State, and Texas A&M all return  with strong teams, and with Tommy Tuberville at the helm at Texas Tech, anything could happen. Even Baylor is making strides in a positive direction.

South Standings

1. Texas

2. Oklahoma

3. OSU

4. Texas A&M

5. Texas Tech

6 Baylor

In conclusion, the final year of the Big 12 can go either way. Be as predictable as it usually is, or end up in shootout during the final weeks of the season. I took the more conservative approach as you can see I didn’t make many bold moves..But nonetheless, we are on for another entertaining year of college football.

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