Cancelled or Rescheduled Events- What Happens To Your Ticket

Sometimes, your favorite singer catches a nasty case of the flu. Occasionally, Mother Nature throws a curve ball and puts an entire stadium directly under a thunderstorm. It’s frustrating, but it’s inevitable. Cancelled or rescheduled events are all part of the world of live events. Tickets for Less understands the annoyance that comes with these situations. We know you bought tickets because you want to see that show, concert or game and that unforeseen circumstances can be hassles that raise all kinds of questions. With all the stress of cancelled or rescheduled events,  Tickets For Less makes it easy to understand the next step and how to handle the situation.

Cancelled or Rescheduled Events

Cancelled or Rescheduled Events

Tickets For Less takes cancelled or rescheduled events seriously. We try our best to inform our customers as soon as possible about cancelled or rescheduled events. Sometimes, changes happen with very little notice. No matter the circumstances, we have consistent policies on our tickets. You can trust your ticket will be honored or refunded. These are the two circumstances and their possible outcomes.

  • Cancellations: an event won’t happen as planned and will not be made up at a later date.

If any event is officially cancelled and there is no plan to establish a make-up date, Tickets for Less will provide you with a full refund for your purchase (minus shipping, if applicable). Depending on the event, we might need you to return your tickets before we can process the refund.

  • Postponements: an event won’t happen as originally planned and will be reset for a future date.

You still have tickets in the event of a rescheduled show or game! The tickets you purchased remain valid for the make-up date and you’ll still be able to see the game or performance. Tickets for postponed events are not eligible for refunds. Our sales policy, outlined during the checkout process, explains that ticket sales operate on an “all sales final” basis—with the aforementioned exception of cancelled events.

Pinning Down The Status of your Event

Rescheduled Date

All tickets purchased through Tickets For Less will be honored for a rescheduled show. If you bought tickets for the original event, your ticket is still good for the make up event. Make sure to keep your same ticket, as it will be your way in! It’s important to understand that not everyone in the sports and entertainment industry uses precise terminology when making announcements, generating press releases or posting to social media. News outlets can also be less than fully accurate when discussing the status of cancelled or rescheduled events. Sometimes, sources label a cancelled event as “postponed” or call a rescheduled event “cancelled.”

In the ticket industry, those distinctions are important. That’s why we exhaustively research events and their statuses. In the event of a true cancellation, we’ll take it seriously and proceed with tickets and refunds. We’ll make sure you know in the case of a delay or postponed game or show. Use reliable sources for the status of your cancelled or rescheduled events: email updates from Tickets For Less, the TFL app, or the TFL website.


Refunds are available only in specific circumstances. Occasionally, artists, promoters and venues claim refunds for postponed events. However, this is not always the case. In some cases, a venue or specific ticket provider may offer refunds. Although, your purchase from Tickets for Less is subject to the terms and conditions of the sale. Please understand that we want to offer the best possible customer service and buying experience. In order to do so, our policy remains consistent within our industry’s standards for the secondary ticket market.

Rescheduled Events

New Date

There’s almost always a period of time between the announcement of a postponement and the announcement of a rescheduled date. We all wish that teams and artists would announce make-up dates right away. Unfortunately, schedules venue availability and a host of other factors can lead to longer gap between a postponement and the release of a new date. While we understand the frustration that can produce, it’s an unavoidable aspect of dealing with live events. We appreciate our customers’ patience during those times we’re all waiting for a new event date.




For more information, please check out our terms and conditions page. If you purchased tickets to an event that has been cancelled or postponed and you have any additional questions, you can always feel free to reach out to us. We’ll do our best to help and will provide you with all the necessary details.



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