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Kansas Jayhawks Football Tickets

With Big 12 Media Days upon us this week, fans everywhere are buzzing about college football.  The college football season starts over Labor Day weekend, and this will be the first chance fans will get to get see their team take to the field.  If you are a Jayhawk like

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Welcome to the new Big 12

With all the talk of super conferences flying about last week it seems all ended in a whimper.  No big super conferences came to be with Nebraska and Colorado leaving the ten teams stay the same and the Big 12 is alive for right now.  You’re asking “right now” what

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Big 12 Media Days Coming Next Week

With the final year of the Big 12, the last real media days is upon us.  This give us a chance to rank the Big 12 before fall practice begins.  I will rank the entire conference.

1. Oklahoma Sooners

2. Texas Longhorns

3. Nebraska Cornhuskers

4. Missouri Tigers

5. Texas A&M Aggies

6. Kansas State Wildcats


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Big 12? Big JOKE.

Just sit back and laugh folks. What a funny joke we have here.
The Big 12, or what once was, is all but over. Lets face the facts. Although stories are flying out the roof with who plans to go where, the destuction of this conference is NOT about people,

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What will happen to the Big 12?

Being avid Nebraska Cornhusker fan I am eagerly waiting to see what happens to the Big 12.  My thought is that Nebraska and Missouri will join the Big 10.  Then what would go on with the other 10 schools?  It will interesting to see what happens with Texas as they

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