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Where are the runs coming from?

I realize that Dayton Moore is very happy with his offseason Royals moves and that he focused on pitching and defense. However, you have to have some offense. You can have the pitching staff in the MLB but if you cannot score runs you don’t have a chance.

I took Hilmans

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Royals Opening Day Lineup: The way I see it.

The 2010 lineup for The Kansas City Royals is all but mapped out. Aside from the usual front office mishaps, missed signings, and senseless multi million dollar contracts (Farnsworth), here is my stance on what the Royals should do with the consistent mediocrity the tend to develop. There is really no

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Today – February 17th, Royals pitchers and catchers officially report for spring training.   Regular position players are not scheduled to report until next week.    Now that spring training is here, I start thinking about my fantasy baseball team.    Every year I participate in an American League only league.  Last year

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