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2011 Baseball Has Started!!!

Baseball season has started again! Your Kansas City Royals have games all this weekend against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim then continuing into the following week playing against the Chicago White Sox. Again this year you get to see the fantastic fireworks Friday events On April 1st. Then on

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Royals Opening Day

Spring training in Surprise, Arizona has started for the Kansas City Royals to get ready for the 2011 season. The big buzz around the Royals’ organization this off season has been the Zach Greinke trade and the best minor league in all of baseball right now. The Royals’ have the

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The Pujols effect

408 career home runs.

1230 career RBI’s.

.331 career batting average.

1 World Series ring

Albert Pujols is every general managers dream player. He resembles four key facts that a GM drools over.

#1 Above average production

#2 Consistent above average production

#3 Maintains a clean public image

#4 Has playoff and world series exposure (he knows what it takes

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Dejesus trade: Jumping off the mountain when you are almost to the top

These are career stats based on a 162 game avg.

                                    David Dejesus                               Vin Mazarro

Batting Avg: .289                                                    ERA: 4.72

Hits: 180                                                                    W: 9

HR: 11                                                                          L: 15

RBI: 72                                                                        SO: 123

Runs: 93                                                                     BB: 80

Ok, so here is the 162 game career predictions for the two main players in this trade. I am officially fed

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Royals Opening Day Pre Sale!

Opening Day is around the corner.

The Royals take the field for the start of a promising future on March 31st as they take on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for opening day at the K! Jump on board TODAY before seats are available to the general public.

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The 9 Royal Rules

These are the nine points to success for the 2011 Kansas City Royals.

This is what must happen for the Royals to embark on a winning season.

1.) We NEED four starters out of the five to consistently keep us in games for more than six innings. We are notorious for pitching a great

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The real “Royals” of baseball

How much are the New York Yankees actually worth? According to last years numbers they are worth around $1.6 billion. To compare the Royals is a joke really. $341 million, which ranks 24th among the 30 Major League teams. The Yankees, obviously the most valuable team in baseball, brought in the

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Trip of a lifetime


The end of July couldn’t get here fast enough. I had scheduled a vacation with my 21 year old son. This wasn’t just any vacation as we were going to visit 10 different Major League Baseball parks in 10 days. Now just doing that, being the baseball fan that I

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