Chiefs Finish Wild Season

There was high hope coming into the 2011 NFL season for the Kansas City Chiefs trying to defend their AFC West title. The lockout seemed to excite fans in Kansas City because of their GM Pioli is known as one of the best in the business. Fans assumed the Chiefs had a huge advantage when the lockout was lifted having Pioli picking his way through the free agents available. Kansas City was let down with no big signings and only a few free agents added. Then the season started and the team was blown out in the first two games and started 0-3. The “Suck for Luck” campaign started as there was hardly any games left on the schedule that the Chiefs would be favored to win.

Then October came and the KC Chiefs went on a 4 game winning streak going undefeated in the month. Going in to November the fans in Kansas City were now thinking about making the playoffs for the second year in a row. A big difference from a month earlier when people were thinking first overall pick in the 2012 draft. But the craziness didn’t stop there as November brought another win less month. That stretch also included giving Miami their first victory of the season as they were win less up to then. So, to recap the Chiefs went 0-3 in September, 4-0 in October and then 0-4 in November.

Every month Chiefs fans are going from cheering their team on to make the playoffs to hoping the team gets a top 5 draft pick. It was a crazy season but then the undefeated Green Bay Packers came to town in December. Finally everybody knew that the Chiefs were going to lose, there was no question and the Chiefs couldn’t surprise us this time. Then the biggest upset in years happened and the Chiefs, with an interim head coach and a quarter back they just signed a couple weeks earlier, ended the Packers undefeated season. The NFL nation was stunned and then to back that performance up, the Chiefs lost to Oakland at home. Why not? All the Chiefs had to do was beat Oakland and then beat Denver and the AFC West championship doesn’t leave Kansas City. Unfortunately the undefeated Packers were easier to dispose than the 7-7 Raiders.

Experts going into the season predicted the Chiefs to be around 7-9, which is how the team ended up doing. Now if you would have asked them to pick the games they would have won and lost, it would have been the complete opposite of what actually happened. I don’t think anybody saw the Chiefs opening the season with two blow out loses to the Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills, two teams that have had little success lately. Who could have seen the Chiefs going into Chicago and winning and beating the best team in the league in Green Bay.

The Chiefs lost several key parts to their team this season. Including Jamaal Charles (Pro Bowler), Eric Berry (Pro Bowler) and Tony Moeaki to season ending knee injuries before the first two games were over. Starting quarterback and Pro Bowler from last season, Matt Cassel also was lost for the season in week 10. With all those loses in key positions, the Chiefs were still able to win 7 games with a difficult schedule. That excites fans in Kansas City as they look forward to next season with a full roster and everybody back from injury.

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