Chiefs Going To The Playoffs?

I know its early but its time to talk about the Chiefs going to the playoffs.  The Kansas City Chiefs are off to a 2-0 start.  The Chiefs have a chance to win this week against the 49ers who winless at 0-2.  If the Kansas City Chiefs win this game they will be 3-0 going into the bye week.  Lets break out the rest of the season how the Chiefs will finish.  You can see why I think Kansas City are going to the playoffs.  The Chiefs being 3-0 going to road contest at Indianapolis and Houston.  Kansas City Chiefs will be 3-2 after this road trip.  The next two home games are winnable against Jacksonville and Buffalo.  The Chiefs 5-2 going into the next road tests at Oakland and Denver.  A win against Oakland and a loss against Denver leaves at 6-3 with 7 games left.  The Chiefs next three games they will end up 2-1.  The two wins at home and a loss at Seattle.  The Kansas City Chiefs are now at 8-4.  The Chiefs will face an important road test at San Diego unfortunately the Chargers will exact revenge beating the Chiefs.  The nice thing is the Chiefs roll in to St. Louis taking out the cross town rival.  Kansas City will come home at 9-5.  With two home games left the Chiefs will need to go at least 1-1 and they will get into the playoffs.  Kansas City will lose a heart breaker to Tennessee and need to beat Oakland to get into the playoffs.  Chiefs fans remember that scenario the year 1999 beat Oakland and win the division.  The Chiefs lost that game and the playoffs.  This year they beat Oakland and get into the playoffs at 10-6.

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