Chiefs Look To Bounce Back

The Kansas City Chiefs suffered an embarrassing loss to Buffalo at Arrowhead Stadium to start the 2011 season. High hopes of defending their AFC West Championship has swiftly changed to maintaining competitive play throughout the year. Chiefs fans knew this would be a different year than last, going from one of the easiest schedules to one of the hardest. If the Chiefs want to have a good record this season they will definitely earn that with the teams they play. The bad news for the KC Chiefs fans is that one of the easiest games on the schedule was their home opener. Instead of taking advantage of home field and the hype of the season opener, the Chiefs were handed their worst home loss in 35 years.

A team that gets walloped 41-7 at home against a weak opponent usually won’t worry about booking their playoff tickets. Now the Chiefs knew that this would be a difficult year with the schedule they had and other teams in their division getting better. And this is only one game and they got a lot of time to fix their mistakes and learn from that loss. The Chiefs still have one of the best home field advantages in the NFL with Arrowhead Stadium. Eric Berry, a Pro Bowl safety, was lost on the very first series but that means his backup will now have a whole week of practicing with the starters and should show improvement this week. Their next game is at Detroit against a young team on the rise but also a team that has not proven themselves as a winning team. This will be a good test for the Chiefs early in the season to see what the team is made of and how they can bounce back from a tough loss.

As bad as the Kansas City defense looked last weekend, their was even more concern on the offensive side of the ball. Todd Haley handed the play calling duties to a coach that has never dealt with those type of responsibilities and week 1 showed the inexperience. Matt Cassel has a 3rd coach in three seasons giving him play calls on the field and he might need time to get use to the new play calls. The best rushing offense a year ago was shut down by one of the worst run defenses a year ago in the home opener. Turnovers and sacks made it difficult for the offense to get into any rhythm. The Chiefs defense does need to step up this week, but the bigger question is can the Chiefs offense show some signs of promise with the young athletes they have.

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