Chiefs Season Underway

The Kansas City Chiefs had high hopes going into the 2012 NFL season. The Chiefs were a game away from winning the AFC West a year ago and that was with key players being out with injuries. This season the Chiefs would have their top running back, tight end and safety back from ACL injuries a season ago. Several experts had the KC Chiefs winning the AFC West or at least making the playoffs this season. Unfortunately the season has not started the way they had hoped. They had a huge chance to make a statement with their season opener at Arrowhead Stadium against another playoff hopeful team in the Atlanta Falcons.

The season opener was back and forth in the first half. Neither defense showing the ability to stop the other teams offense. After the first half, however, the Chiefs offense slowed as the Falcons offense looked just as good as they did in the first half. The Kansas City Chiefs had some untimely turnovers which gave the Falcons exactly what they needed to pull away from the Chiefs. The Chiefs had a chance to redeem themselves in week 2 as they visited the Buffalo Bills who struggled mightily against an average NY Jets team. Again the Chiefs failed to take advantage to establish themselves as a team to watch. The defense looked as poor as they did in week 1 as they failed to stop the Bills offense. The Chiefs offense was no where to be found in the first half as they got shut out. The only scoring chance coming right before half but Peyton Hillis fumbled the ball on the Bills 1 yard line. The Chiefs did look better in the second half but it’s hard to take anything from that when the other team is playing with a 30 point cushion.

The Kansas City Chiefs look to get things going this weekend as they visit New Orleans who is also 0-2 to start the season. The Chiefs and the Saints both have top rated offenses so far this season but have nothing to show for it so far. Both teams also have two of the weaker defenses which contributed to the combined 0-4 start for these two teams. It will be a battle to see who can turn their season around and keep their playoff hopes alive. For whichever team the falls to 0-3, that will be a mighty big whole to dig yourself out of if you have playoff hopes.

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