Chiefs Tickets Come In At The Best Value

nfl-chiefs-broncos-gameThe 2016 NFL football season is officially underway!

Football fans are busy updating fantasy rosters and checking game time schedules for their favorite teams. For fans who want to catch a game at the stadium, a ticket can cost a pretty penny.

Tickets For Less wanted to find out what team has the best ticket price value (of their first home game) compared to their 2016 predicted wins.

In the chart below, check out how the teams stack up against each other. We used Tickets For Less‘ ticket price data along with ESPN’s projected win total for each team.

TeamProjected 2016 WinsAvg. Cost of 1st Home Game per 2016 Wins
Kansas City Chiefs9.3$13.87
Atlanta Falcons7$28.36
Indianapolis Colts8.8$34.26
Baltimore Ravens8.5$52.24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers7$53.07
New Orleans Saints7$58.50
Tennessee Titans6.1$58.61
Arizona Cardinals9.6$58.75
Philadelphia Eagles6.4$61.09
Houston Texans8.3$61.27
Seattle Seahawks9.9$62.17
Buffalo Bills7.9$62.34
Cincinnati Bengals9$65.22
Washington Redskins7.6$66.32
Oakland Raiders8.3$69.16
Green Bay Packers10.3$70.05
Denver Broncos9$71.00
New England Patriots9.8$73.52
Jacksonville Jaguars7.1$77.25
Chicago Bears7.3$79.93
Los Angeles Rams7.2$83.61
Pittsburgh Steelers9.8$100.15
Dallas Cowboys7.9$122.09
San Diego Chargers7.1$129.51
Carolina Panthers9.8$132.14
San Francisco 49ers5.6$137.77
New York Jets7.4$138.38
New York Giants8.3$144.28
Miami Dolphins6.9$176.23
Cleveland Browns4.9$190.41
Detroit Lions6.9$191.59
Minnesota Vikings9.2$198.53

Best Value

The Kansas City Chiefs rank as the least expensive NFL ticket despite having a predicted 9.3 wins this season (and a 10-game winning streak last year). Other teams that offer the best value for ticket prices include the Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens, and Arizona Cardinals.

Highest Price

While the Minnesota Vikings move into their new US Bank Stadium, their ticket prices took a hit. They offer the highest average price (of first home game tickets) per their 9.2 projected wins this season. Runners-up for highest ticket price per wins are: Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, and Miami Dolphins.

The 2016 NFL season kicked off Thursday night and the Kansas City Chiefs played their first regular season game against the San Diego Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday, September 11, 2016.

Take advantage of the Chiefs offering the best value for their predicted wins and buy your Kansas City Chiefs tickets now. Tickets For Less has No hidden taxes or fees on all of sporting events, concert, and theater tickets.

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