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With the NFL lock out still going strong and the NFL season getting closer, players have to find ways to stay in shape. The Kansas City Chiefs players have gotten together here in Kansas City to do their version of a summer camp. With the lockout still in play, the coach’s can not be interacting with the players. So the obligation to stay in shape and get ready for the up coming season falls directly on the players shoulders. Some NFL players are enjoying their break and not having a coach screaming in their face to run faster or to catch a ball. Others have decided that even if the coach’s can’t put together workouts, they would.

Matt Cassel, Derrick Johnson and Tim Mcgraw called up their fellow teammates and got them to come out to Kansas City to start getting ready to defend their AFC West Champion title. There’s  much more planning to get that together then most people realize. Several players don’t even live in the area and since the Chiefs themselves can’t be involved in any of this, players had to find places to stay and a place to workout. The Chief’s players choose Bishop Miege High School to conduct their summer workouts. It wouldn’t be considered one of the harder camps those players have attended, but it shows their commitment to winning again this year.

Nobody knows when the lockout is going to be lifted. It could go right up to the start of the regular season and if that’s the case then the coaching staff is going to have very little time to work with the players. The only way to be fully ready for the season is for the players to work out together on their own. It’s an unusual time for players and coach’s not being able to communicate with each other and get game plans together. But to see the players organizing activities together to get ready for the season makes you feel good about your home town team. The Chiefs football team has a very difficult schedule this year, too, so they need to make sure they work together to have another successful season.

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