College Football Season Started This Week – Kansas State Wildcats

Well folks college football season is here to stay for the next 4 plus months.  For everybody around the Big 12 area it should be an interesting final season.  Lets to take a look at the Kansas State Wildcats.   The Kansas State Wildcats  have a lot prove if they want to be considered one of the big boys of the new Big12.  The Wildcats started with an impressive victory over UCLA .  Daniel Thomas was to much for the Bruins.   The wild cats should be undefeated when the Huskers roll into town.  If Carson Coffman steps up his play this could be a big upset in Aggieville.    I think the Huskers will be to much for the Kansas State winning a thriller 27-21.  KSU Wildcats will win there next two games.  That will set up the Wildcats for a tough three game stretch against Okie State, Texas and Missouri.  That will prove to be to much for the Wildcats as the fall to 3-4 in the conference. With a date with Colorado left Kansas State has a chance to be five hundered in conference play. Bill Snyder is to much for Dan Hawkins as Kansas State  wins a close one on the road.  Kansas State ends up going 8-4 and play in a nice bowl for the Wildcats.  The question will be how long will Bill Snyder be at the helm for the Wildcats.  I think he will usher the Wildcats into the Big 12 at least for a couple of years.

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