Dejesus injury puts damper on season

Dejesus injury puts damper on season

After the latest Bronx beatdown, David Dejesus took a leap into the wall in hopes of snagging a long ball off the bat of Derek Jeter. Not only did Dejesus come short of the catch, Jeter recorded an inside the park homerun…….and when you think it couldnt get much worse, Dejesus left the game with a hand injury…….and when you think life as a Royals fan couldn’t get much worse, DeJesus is now out of the remainder of the season.

Being a key component to any win the Royals have posted thus far, Dejesus was the one bright spot the Royals had. Many thought of him as a good trade option, but I have always thought it’s the one guy that must stay. He’s a producer, a good fielder, and in some way, shape, or form, and leader in the club house.

I’m sorry, but when you are the Royals, you simply can’t afford to trade away your bright spots or lose them to season ending injuries. You cross your fingers, hope to win, and hope a team in a playoff run doesn’t rob you off the good work you developed.

As far as I’m concerned, the season and in hopes anyone ever had, are unfortnately finsihed. Put this season in the bag.

Even though Alex Gordon is demolishing minor league talent, he will be back to his old ways in the big leagues. He’s a tweener. Great player in the minors. Horrible player in the majors. With him being called up, we gain nothing but a body.

Ankiel is on his way back, after recovery from an leg injury earlier this season. Yippee.

We as Royals fans tend to make everything entirely too complicated. It’s easy…

WE want to win, NOW. We don’t want to lose.

We are obviously doing something wrong.

Whats going wrong?

Decisons…. Bad decisons. Non profitable decisons.

We think to much for the FUTURE, and not ENOUGH for the NOW.

Think of whats best for you NOW, Royals.

No one cares how good the Wichita Wranglers play this year. Or the Omaha Royals.

It’s all about the Kansas City Royals, and how they play.

Do you trade away Callaspo for two future up and coming players?

or do you trade him, Jose Guillen, and Luke Hochevar for an impact player that can impact the team now!

It’s all about the way you think in the game of baseball and taking a closer look at the now is what Dayton Moore and the Royals need to take advantage of.

One thing I can tell you….losing DeJesus for the rest of the year or even having a thought of trading him is not good for the NOW of the team.

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