Has Yost calmed the storms for the Kansas City Royals?

Has Yost calmed the storms for the Kansas City Royals?

I believe that Yost has helped to calm the ship of the hurricane driven Royals. He exudes confidence when he is in the dugout. When he makes a decision to change pitchers or change the lineup I don’t seem to question it as much as I did with Trey and the gang. Maybe things will change in time with Yost as well. However, when the Kansas City Royals hired Trey I think I questioned him from day one.

Below are some numbers that indicate Yost might be the correct leader for this Kansas City Baseball team;

*Team record 17-15 that equates to approximately 86-76 over a 162 game season. WOW would that be amazing!

*Runs scored 165 that equates to 835 runs. This would be the most runs scored in a season since the 2003 season.

*Runs allowed 123 that equates to 738 runs. This would be the fewest runs allowed since 1993.

The above numbers look awesome. However, there are many other issues that need attention (home runs, starting pitching era, on base percentage for example). I do think that Ned Yost has help make the Kansas City Royals look more professional. At this point anyway I am a Yost fan.

I will enjoy going to the games the rest of this year and letting Ned know of my approval. If you would like to join in watching an actual professional baseball team the best place to get your tickets is to call www.ticketsforless.com at 913-685-3322. You can also visit them on line at www.ticketsforless.com

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