Have the Kansas City Royals done enough this offseason?

Have the KC Royals done enough this offseason? It seems like we ask that question every year. Ironically, last year is the one year that I thought we had done exactly what we needed to do. We went and added a power bat in Mike Jacobs. We added a leader in the locker room who also was an ideal leadoff hitter and excellent fielder in Coco Crisp. However, the Royals karma came through again. Crisp was hurt most of the season and Jacobs, while being nice guy and all, was far from being the guy anyone had to pitch around. He ended up not even starting most games.

This offseason what we needed was a power hitter and a leader in the locker room that is an excellent fielder and leadoff hitter. Sound familiar?   I guess we have a leadoff hitter in Podsednik? Power hitter? Well I guess we have to count on Butler to continue to build on last year and Gordon to grow like Butler did last year. If that happens we will be much better off than previous years. These guys are young and will be around for awhile.  I am sure that the Kansas City Royals are counting on that happening. I can tell you no matter how it turns out I will be sitting behind the KC Royals Dugout making sure that Trey and the gang hear my opinion. If you want to join me in expressing what we think, the best seats are available at Tickets For Less.  Tickets available for every budget. Give them a call at (913)685-3322 or visit them on line at www.ticketsforless.com

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