Hillman Has Got To Go!!!

I have had enough of Trey’s mismanaging of the Royals.  Last night was the tipping point of the Royals season.  First off why in the world do start Jose Guillen on astro turf against the Rays when he could just DH.  Some people might say that he hasn’t played in left field all season and he ask Trey to play.  They also might say that the Kansas City Royals are trying to show case him for a trade.  I here those reasoning but my thinking would be Trey take control of your team.  Tell him that he will play on grass only and then he can show case his skills.  Secondly the balk by Robinson Tejeda with no one first base that’s right NO ONE ON FIRST BASE is in excusable.  Thirdly,  why in the world is Soria coming into a game when it is 11-1 I don’t get it.  He wont bring him in for a five out save against the Mariners ruining Greinke great outing.  I know five out saves that sounds silly.  You bring him in and see how many pitches it takes to finish the eighth.  If he gets out of the eighth quickly you bring him back in the ninth.  That’s just my take on the managers action.  It seems like there is no accountability for any of the players action on the diamond or for the managers action.  How about we send Trey down until he improves and deserve to be called up.  Just a thought.  How about going out to Kaufman Stadium and letting Dayton Moore and The Glass Family what you think of Hillman.  Going to see the Royals is always a must.  Major League Baseball is has so many stars that come to Kaufman as well the stars the Royals have.  Tickets For Less has really great seats at Kaufman for an affordable price for you and your family. Call Tickets For Less now at 913-685-3322 or purchase Royals tickets online at ticketsforless.com

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