How does 12 teams and only 12 college football teams competing for the National Championship sound to you?

How does 12 and only 12 college football teams competing for the national championship sound to you? This conference would not include the Kansas Jayhawks, Kansas State Wildcats, or the Missouri Tigers. That is exactly what we are going to have if the NCAA doesn’t step in immediately. If the NCAA doesn’t step in then every year there is going to be same money grab that we are experiencing now. There will always be another more attractive conference to move to and make more money. Every year there would be teams moving conferences looking for greener pastures. Eventually, there will only be 12 teams that are the riches schools left in one conference. Those 12 schools would make up the mega conference. This conference would be the one competing for the National Championship. All other schools will end up in their own version of the Mountain West. They will only be dreaming of someday being part of the Mega Conference.

The 12 teams that I think will be part of this Mega Conference are;



Ohio State


Florida State

Penn State





Notre Dame


NCAA needs to step in to keep the competition alive.

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