Is anyone else getting tired of wasting Greinke’s starts?

Is anyone else getting tired of wasting Greinke’s starts? I am beginning to. Don’t get me wrong unlike most people I don’t feel sorry for Zack. This is a team game. There were many games early in his career that we lost games because of him. Nobody felt sorry for the rest of the team then.

No I am just getting tired of us always having something that causes us to lose the game. Royals fans are always saying if we just had one more bat. If we just had another pitcher. If we just had a BULLPEN! It always seems to be something. It is time for the Kansas City Royals fans to be able to enjoy a complete team. Royals management is constantly telling us that we are building and will be there in a couple of years. Now Dayton is telling us it is going to be 2012 when we compete. Play it again Sam! I have heard this song before.

At least last year Kansas City baseball fans could look to Zach’s starts for the possibility of the look of a complete team. This year we don’t even have that to look for.

It is encouraging that we at least have a manager that acts like a MLB manager. I do want to see some moment towards a more complete team. I think we are not asking too much by wanting it to start showing up yet this year though. WE HAVE WAITED LONG ENOUGH!!

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