Josh Selby Wasn’t Happy In Lawrence

Going into the 2010-2011 college basketball season Kansas Basketball fans were very excited to see the highly touted freshman Josh Selby make his debut. Coach Bill Self told reporters that Selby was the best recruit he had ever recruited. People were expecting the next phenom freshman to lead the Jayhawks to another national title. In Selby’s debut, after being suspended for several games, he looked great and scored the game winning shot over USC. But everyone said he was such a great all around player and could drive to the basket at will, but even in the USC game all he did was shoot jumpers.

After that first game Selby had a steady decline in popularity as fans became more and more let down by his star power. Finally, later in conference play and the NCAA Tournament Josh Selby found a permanent seat on the bench and only got playing time in blowout games. Selby had gone from one of the best recruits Bill Self has ever had to a bust. Now that’s not saying he’s not a great player, but with all the suspensions he had and injuries he did not give KU nearly the production they had expected.

Then the off season came and Selby was even bigger news than before the season started. Everybody wondered with the terrible season he had with Kansas, would he still enter the NBA Draft or come back to Lawrence to improve his game. Well after skipping several weeks of school to workout in Las Vegas we got our answer even before he announced he was going pro. When you leave town during school to workout and completely blow off test it becomes pretty obvious what his decision was going to be.

At the end of the day, it was never a good fit for Josh Selby to be at Kansas to play basketball. He was always going to be a one-and-done player no matter how the season went and he never bought into the team aspect of the game. He wanted to help his draft stock more than help the team get an NCAA Title. As the season went along and his playing time went down he became more frustrated with the situation. He expected to come to college and dominate and play almost every minute but when your playing at Kansas the team always comes before an individual. Selby was still able to get drafted with strong pro workouts leading up to the draft but it was a late second round pick and doesn’t even get a guaranteed contract. There were several people that thought he should have stayed at Kansas to help improve his skills, but it was obvious that Selby did not want to be there any longer.

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