Kansas City Royals 2012 Season Under Way

The Kansas City Royals started the 2012 season by taking 2 out of 3 against the Los Angeles Angels. Since that series the Royals have gone 1-6 and are 0-4 in games against AL Central teams. The KC Royals slogan for this season is “This is Our Time.” If that’s the case then they need to figure things out and get the season turned around. Realistically the Royals know that they are still a season or two away from developing their young talent into a championship caliber team. The hope is that the young talent shows glimpses of what’s to come this year and that will make for an entertaining season.

The part of the Royals team that’s expected to struggle this season is the starting pitching. The first time through the rotation the Royals starting pitching staff was the best of any team in the major leagues. The second time through the rotation hasn’t gone as well. The 3 game home opening series against the Cleveland Indians saw the KC Royals pitching staff give up 32 runs. The hitting has been consistently mediocre so far this season. The Royals have several young bats that are expected to be big time players in the near future but they still need time to develop against big league pitching.

Kansas City fans should have a fun season ahead of them watching these young players develop. There will be some growing pains but there should also be some exciting moments this season.

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