Kansas City Royals offense in 2010 showing much improvement

April has been encouraging for the Kansas City Royals. Starting pitching has been excellent. Kansas City Royals 2010 offense is quite encouraging. The only disappointing part has been the bullpen. The bullpen has cost us nearly every game that we have lost.

I want to talk about the offense though. Dayton Moore made some moves in the offseason that I questioned. I think I might have been wrong questioning his moves. We have about two weeks of numbers to look at regarding the offense. That is not much to go on but the numbers are encouraging. Podsednik has shown professionalism that we have not seen here for awhile. Getz has been much more than expected. Ankiel has shown that he might be getting his power numbers from two years ago again.  Below are the rankings of the 2010 vs. 2009 Kansas City baseball teams offensive categories

Batting average is much improved. 2009 team batting average ranked 29th in the MLB with BA of .249.  Royals 2010 team batting average ranks 3rd in the MLB with BA of .307.

Stolen bases the Royals ranked 27th in the MLB in 2009 and in 2010 the Royals rank number 1 in the MLB. Thanks Scott!!

Strike outs the Kansas City baseball team leads the MLB in 2010 with the least number of SO. Last year they ranked 13th.

Home runs is a category that the Royals baseball team has been the same both years.

With the above facts in mind, I am excited to see how 2010 plays out. If we do not shore up the bull pen however, it won’t mean a thing.

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