Kansas Speedway-October Races Just Around The Corner!!!

The Kansas Speedway is a little over a month away for the 2nd weekend for races in the 2011 season. There are two very exciting races coming up at the Kansas Speedway in the beginning of October. On October 8th the Kansas Lottery 300 will be taking over the Kansas Speedway then on the 9th of the October the Kansas Speedway will host the Hollywood Casino 400 race. This will be the 2nd Sprint Cup race in Kansas City this year. You can go see if Brad Keselowski can pull off another win or if one of the runner ups like Dale Earnhardt Jr or Jeff Gordon can take the race away from him this time. You won’t want to miss these thrilling races. Ticketsforless.com has amazing tickets for both of these races at great prices. You can sit down close to the action or up higher in the club seats. Either way ticketsforless.com has you covered for your Kansas Speedway tickets. Ticketsforless.com has your best Kansas Speedway NASCAR tickets found anywhere! Visit the website today or give a staff member a call at 913.685.3322 to see what is available for each race.

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