Kendall proving his value last night even when he doesn’t play

Kendall proving his value last night even when he doesn’t play

I questioned the value of signing Jason Kendall to the Kansas City Royals when they did it in the offseason. However, I have to admit that the Royals baseball team is proving that it was a wise decision every time they run Brayan Pena out to do the catching. We have been indoctrinated into accepting a few runs being scored by the opposing team from lazy defensive catching. I never noticed it until we see the difference between Kendall catching and Pena catching. Kendall will not be able to keep up with the offensive numbers he has now. His value shows, however, in the runs that are not scored by the opposing team. We have become accustomed to being put behind the eight ball with errors behind the plate. With addition of Kendall we have been given a glimpse into what every other team is privy to. We should not accept any less. This is professional baseball right? Kansas City Royals baseball fans deserve more.

The game last night, Brayan Pena cost us no less than 3 runs. Not that those 3 runs made a difference in the game, but they could have. The highlights of last nights game include catcher interference and a very unprofessional throw to first after a dropped third strike. While Pena chased the dropped third strike around and then threw it to first the runner that was on second (I repeat second base) ran all the way to home. Pena never even looked at the runner. I love Pena’s bat but with what he costs us defensively we have to explore other options.

It is encouraging to see Kendall showing his professionalism on the field. It just makes us realize one thing that we have been missing in the past. I know that I will be going to many Royals games as I am a huge Kansas City baseball fan and will always be. If you would like to join me to watch this team to continue to grow you can. The best place to get Royals tickets is at . You can visit them in person at 135th and 69 highway in Overland Park. You can also give them a call at 913-685-3322 or visit them on line at .

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