Kila Ka’aihue was recently called up to the Kansas City Royals and has seen limited action.  The KC Royals are currently in last place in the American League Central and should be playing with an eye toward next year.  Kila is 26 years old and has yet to receive a fair opportunity to show what he can do in the majors.  In 2008 Kila hit over 300 with 37 hr and 100 rbi’s in the minors.  He slipped to 17 hr and 57 rbi’s last year.    Why is he not playing?  I don’t know.  I hear Trey Hillman the Royals manager constantly say that he has to get someone with a bat like Alberto Callaspo’s, in the lineup.  What has Alberto Callaspo done?  He has hit 16 hr in 1105 career ab’s.    I wonder why we are in last place.  Yes, Ka’aihue plays a different position than Callaspo for the Royals.  I am just saying if Callaspo is so good that he has to be in the lineup, than why don’t we give Ka’aihue a couple hundred ab’s to show what he can do?   Worst case scenerio – the Kansas City Royals continue playing last place baseball.   Best case scenerio….  the Royals find a legetimate 30 hr bat for the next 5+years.

Where should he play?  He should immediately be placed in the lower part of the lineup as the DH.  Move Guillen to the bench.  If you have to have him in the lineup, there is a spot in the outfield while Rick Ankiel is hurt.    Jose Guillen is not part of the future and is blocking a younger player!

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