Marcus Morris – The Most Improved Kansas Jayhawks Player

Well it’s not official or anything, but I am giving out my mid-season most improved player award to Marcus Morris of the Kansas Jayhawks.  It’s been exciting to watch him execute so well in the post this year.   I’ll admit that last year all Marcus Morris caused me was a whole lot of stress.  I also couldn’t tell the difference between him and his twin brother, Markieff.  So collectively, I’d complain about the “Morris Twins”.   I’ll also be the first to admit I was very wrong.

Last year, Marcus Morris averaged 7.4 points per game and 4.7 rebounds.  This year, he is up in both categories and is averaging 12.7 points and 6 rebounds a game.  Marcus has also improved his foul shooting.  Last year he was from 60% from the charity stripe and this year he is at 70%.   The Kansas Jayhawks needed Marcus Morris to step it up this year since Cole Aldrich got off to a slow start.   With Cole and Marcus down low, the Jayhawk guards have two great options to feed the post.   I also think KU strength and conditioning coach, Andrea Hudy, deserves some credit as Marcus is much stronger overall and is also up 23 pounds from last year.  Also, I am sure KU big man coach, Danny Manning, has greatly helped Marcus make such large strides in such a short time.

I’m excited to watch Marcus and the rest of the Kansas Jayhawks take on Nebraska this Saturday at Allen Fieldhouse.  For tickets, go to

So do you think Marcus Morris will jump to the NBA early and leave Markieff at KU?

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