McCartney Comes to KC

It has been 17 years since Sir Paul McCartney hit the stage in Kansas City. It was 1993, when the lead singer of the Beatles and the most successful songwriter in history gave KC it’s taste of greatness. Not only will Paul McCartney make a stop in Kansas city, he will be playing right in the heart of the city at the Sprint Center, Saturday, July 24th.

Since the grand opening of the Sprint Center, many different events have taken place. Big 12 championships, concerts, arena football, NBA basketball, NHL hockey, cirque de soleil etc. This by far, should and probably will go down as the biggest event yet at Sprint Center. I expect every seat to be filled and more. With only a month to go tickets are selling at a fast rate.

McCartney brings so much diversity to the musical realm. Having been the lead singer for the most successful an influential band of all time, the Beatles. After the separation of the  Beatles, McCartney and his wife Linda, created Wings, another rock and roll band that became extremely famous worldwide as they soared the charts and sold millions of records. Following Wings, McCartney still stood strong with a surprisingly ideal solo career. When it was all said and done, he wrote and co wrote a total of 188 records that have been charted and 91 of them reaching the top 10. With numbers like that, there is really no one else to compare him to.

Today, at 68, Paul McCartney is still one of the best performers around and when he come to Kansas City it will surely be a night to remember.

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