Moustakas Heating Up?

Coming into the 2011 baseball season, Mike Moustakas was the biggest field player prospect in their minor leagues. Once the season got started, though, Eric Hosmer took over the spotlight. Hosmer started the season in Triple A Omaha and had amazing numbers, so the Kansas City Royals had no choice but to bring him up to the big leagues. Even though Moustakas was the higher prospect, Hosmer caught on much quicker. But only a couple months later Mike Moustakas came up and made his major league debut.

Now when Hosmer came up, he started off great. He was hitting for power and for a good average and was showing a great glove over at 1st base. He’s cooled off slightly since then, but overall he has been one of the best rookies in the AL this year. When Moustakas came up, he got a hit in his very first game. His second game he hit his first major league home run. Ever since that good start he has done nothing but watch his batting average fall and his power numbers be non existent. Mike’s batting average fell as far as .182 just a week ago, but since then something clicked for him and he has been on a tear.

Scouts had said that it usually takes about 100 AB’s before he gets use to each league he moves up to. Well the 100 AB mark came and went with no signs of him catching on to major league pitching. But then the 200 AB mark came and maybe that was all Mike needed. He’s riding a seven game hitting streak with a batting average of .474 during that stretch. He’s raised his batting average .036 points in just one week. It’s been really nice for Royals fans to see his hitting come around, but he was suppose to be a power hitter and he still only has one home run in over 200 AB. This could be the start of something big for the Mike as well as the KC Royals. If Moustakas turns things around and Hosmer keeps producing, Kansas City has a great base for their team to build around.

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