Poor Conditions in Sochi

There has been a lot of media chatter regarding the accommodation conditions in Sochi. Journalists have been using Twitter and other outlets to keep those not there updated on their discoveries. To start, a lot of the hotel rooms were not even finished. CNN booked 11 rooms and after a whole day of being in Russia, only one of those rooms was available for use. It seem as if Vladimir Putin made promises that he cannot fulfill. Unfinished rooms is really the least of the accommodation issues in Sochi though, considering that some of the water sources there are pouring out a substance resembling the color of beer. I don’t know about you, but this would make me ask a few questions. Would you want to wash your hands let alone drink from a faucet with mysterious, brownish colored liquid coming out? I think not. Others have reported having no heat or internet in their rooms, out of use toilets, non-working elevators, water main breaks and an endless amount of other problems.

To host an event with such prestige as the Olympics, it is unacceptable to present visitors with issues such as the ones previously stated. Those going to Sochi are most likely paying a pretty penny and deserve at least the simplest of amenities. It seems to me that Russian officials should have been more concerned with completing construction for the games rather than chasing down and killing stray dogs roaming around. This will not be forgotten and those who compare the Sochi games to those of the past and future will probably remember the conditions as far inferior.

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