Randy Moss: To sign or not to sign-That is the question.

The Chiefs are one of the teams supposedly interested in former Vikings receiver Randy Moss. I think it’s a bad idea.

You must realize your TEAM NEEDS.  Pioli has it pretty easy here. He has a first place team. In some situations, letting it all be and not messing with a good thing is a safe route. Why try to alter something that is already fuctioning properly? Well, when you have opportunities like Moss come to you, it’s not a bad idea to consider the needs of your team. The Chiefs, oddly enough in this situation, have a big team need: Receivers. Fortunately, our running game is the best in the NFL and has taken the burden off any poor WR play. Dropped balls, poorly run routes, and the lack of speed that our group of wideouts resembles has all been backed up by a vicious ground game.

Randy Moss career statistics

Receptions- 948

Total Yards- 14, 778

Touchdowns- 153

Dwayne Bowe, Chris Chambers, Jerheme Urban, and Terrance Copper career–COMBINED


Total Yards- 12,404

Touchdowns- 92

In my opinion, even though Moss carries a resume full of incredible statistics, I think it would be in the Chiefs best interest to pass on Moss and accept what they already have. I think that if the team wasn’t winning games simply due to the fact they were weak on wideouts, then signing Moss would make sense. But at this point we are doing fine with what we have. Moss could easily come in here, take all the attention way from the positives for our team, and instantly attract attention to him and only him. It could easily disrupt our current rhythm and hurt us in the long run with all the unneeded publicity.

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