Ranking The Big 12 – 11/4/10

Another change a the top of the Big 12 rankings.  Following Nebraska Cornhuskers big win against the Missouri Tigers the rankings take a slight change.  The divisions have not been wrapped and wont be wrapped up until the end of the season.  Every game is important especially in the North with both teams will be favored in there last four games.  Don’t overlook  the Iowa State Cyclones as if the win out the are the North division champs.  The South on the other hand is an interesting three team race between Baylor, Oklahoma State, and Oklahoma.  A  round robin starts this weekend with Baylor at Oklahoma State.  Here is the new rankings

1. Nebraska Cornhuskers

2. Missouri Tigers

3. Oklahoma Sooners

4. Oklahoma State Cowboys

5. Baylor Bears

6. Texas Longhorns

7. Kansas State Wildcats

8. Iowa State Cyclones

9. Texas A&M Aggies

10. Texas Tech Red Raiders

11. Colorado Buffaloes

12. Kansas Jayhawks

Keep checking as the standings change all the time.  A lot will take shape this weekend and a few teams can propel themselves into the race or take them out of the race.  As always if you want to see these games or any other Big 12 action then visit www.ticketsforless.com our call there friendly staff 913-685-3322.

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