Royals Add Veteran Pitchers

The Kansas City Royals have signed former All-Star pitcher Brad Penny and veteran reliever Guillermo Mota to minor league contracts that include invitations to spring training. The Royals are getting set for spring training, which pitchers and catchers report in the middle of February. The KC Royals have a big season ahead and the club is trying to add arms in order to meet their goals. The Royals had meaningful games going into the last week of the 2013 season for the first time in a long time. Kansas City hasn’t made the playoffs since they won the 1985 World Series. That gives the Royals the longest current playoff drought in the MLB.

The 2014 brings high hopes for the Royals and their fans. Their late success in 2013 and the amount of young talent they have have feed the hopes that the Royals could end their drought in 2014. The Royals pitching is a big reason for their success last season, but they will need a huge improvement from their bats in order to contend. The Kansas City Royals need to sustain the success they had with their pitching staff last season, however, if they want to succeed for several years. The Royals don’t have the payroll capabilities to keep their young bats when they start to produce. This next year or so is a huge opportunity for the organization to end their drought. They have several young talented bats they drafted, which means they are very cheap. They have a great bullpen and decent starting rotation. This is the time before they start having to pay everyone, which they won’t be able to afford.

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