Royals Opening Day Lineup: The way I see it.

The 2010 lineup for The Kansas City Royals is all but mapped out. Aside from the usual front office mishaps, missed signings, and senseless multi million dollar contracts (Farnsworth), here is my stance on what the Royals should do with the consistent mediocrity the tend to develop. There is really no easy way to do this, but if this years Blue Crew  has any chance to compete past the All-Star break, here is what Dayton Moore and company MUST consider…

1.) Stablilty– Trey Hillman needs to have a plan and STICK TO IT. Last year he displayed nothing but indecisivness and uncertainty in his day to day lineup changes. In my opinion, his frequent mixups in the batting order and on the field did nothing productive for the team. Sure, give your catcher a rest every four to five days. Sure, throw Bloomquist at second for the remaining two innings against a left handed reliever when the Royals are unusually ahead by seven runs. Sure, give Joakim Soria a day off, but ONLY in circumstances when he is NOT needed.

2.) “Milk” your players– My only critcism against Dayton Moore and Trey Hillman is that they treat their players like superstars… Well, they’re not. They are average players, who make more money than they deserve. The only two players that could be considered “superstars” are Grienke and Soria. That’s it. So, with that said, I honestly believe if you are going to win and win big in the MLB, you have to “milk” your players for ALL they are worth. You pay them money to produce. If they dont, you are not getting a return on your investment. “Hey Mr. Hillman! Can you hear me? Here is some friendly advice… A) Billy Butler is your DH, EVERYDAY. Until he gets a batting title, don’t give him the luxury of a few days off. B ) Pick a catcher and stick with him. If you didn’t know, this guy should be the heartbeat of your team. C) PITCH SORIA UNTIL HIS ARM FALLS OFF.” – Your friend, Mitch.

3.) Turn the bus around, you forgot to pick up the shortstop- He missed all of last season, hopefully you can consider his importance sooner than later. If there was a Betancourt, Pena, Bloomquist, Aviles combo type of an athlete, he would be one of the worst shortstops in the league. Figure it out. Enough of the waiting. I heard his name was Mike Moustakas.

Although it won’t happen,  here is the opening day lineup most fans should yearn for:

1.) RF David DeJesus– Consistent with speed. Gets on base.

2.) 2B Alberto Callaspo– Hits for a decent average. Has ability to drive in runs and get on base.

3) DH Billy Butler– When DeJesus and Callaspo reach base, Butler is up and the Royals are in good position to score.

4.) 1B Kila Ka’aihue– Tremendous power, lets give him a shot.

5.) 3B Alex Gordon– Make or break year. This is your last chance Alex. Don’t let Josh Fields take your spot.

6.) CF Rick Ankiel– Think your getting off easy playing for the Royals Rick? Your a nice fit in the six spot here. Don’t take it personally, you can really help us. This is an important spot in the order.

7.) SS Mike Moustakas– Young gun lefty with a ton of potential. Plenty of power. Just don’t always swing for the fences.

8.) C Jason Kendall– Hahaha. What is this? 1997? Still the best catcher on the team I suppose. This should be the main priority next year. Scout some young talent in the draft…quickly.

9.) LF Scott Podsednik/Mitch Maier/Brian Anderson– Truthfully, Jarod Dyson is coming after you and could easily take your spot.

I think this is the best possible scenario that can be picked from an already rotten bunch of apples. Yes, there will be bad days, but Hillman should stick to his plan whether it be this one or something else. Trust your convictions Trey, you will look like a mastermind when your popping the cork in October.

and stop callin’ Joakim Soria, “Jack.” Haha.

Either way, as we continue to hope the best and dream of an eventual playoff run, it should be another entertaining year of Royals baseball. For information on purchasing tickets, step up to the plate and check out or call 913.685.3322

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