Secondary Market Service Fees and How They Work

Ever wonder why a ticket is marked one price then spikes at checkout? Many people find secondary market service fees outrageous and we do too! Many ticket sellers add on to the price and the secondary market service fees seem to be more than the ticket sometimes. It sometimes is frustrating and upsetting. Some secondary market service fees have a reason for being so much. Whereas other secondary market ticket brokers, like Tickets For Less, have a reason for why they don’t.



How Secondary Market Service Fees Work

The secondary market for event tickets provides a service to customers and sellers by connecting the two. Secondary Market Service FeesThere are a few methods a ticket broker will do in order to sell tickets at a higher price and grab you in. Some ticket brokers list their tickets at a much lower price upon browsing. Then at checkout, the price increases by as much as 30%. Some companies pull you in one of two ways:

  1.  Ask for your credit card and personal information and hope that by checkout, when you see the final price, you have already completed so many tasks you carry through the purchase regardless of the price increase.
  2. Ask for all your information and even if you leave and abandon the cart, they will have all your information to re-target you in the future.

When you spend more money on fees and services, that’s more money out of your pocket. Luckily, Tickets For Less takes no part in these tactics. The price you see listed for the ticket is the price you pay at checkout. We also don’t ask for any information until after you see your cart total and decide if you want to proceed or not. Your money and information are completely monitored by you until you are ready to complete the ticket sale.

Secondary Market Service FeesHow To Avoid Secondary Market Service Fees

If you’re tired of finding costly tickets for more than you think, Tickets For Less is here to ease the stress. Tickets For Less is a local homegrown Kansas company that has accrued relationships with many of the primary markets like the Kansas City Royals, Kansas City Chiefs and Sprint Center. With these relationships, Tickets For Less owns tickets to each venue. Thus allowing for better opportunity to sell tickets to customers for a great deal versus other ticket brokers. If you look on our website, any ticket with a bright star next to it, Tickets For Less owns these tickets and is basically becoming a primary ticket seller, thus helping you avoid any added fees or charges. Navigate our tickets even easier with our app and find exactly what you want at the price you want.


Tickets For Less, founded in 2004, prides itself on honest tickets. We show our prices to you while browsing tickets and they don’t change a penny at checkout. We also offer free delivery methods via email and electronic downloads. If you want your tickets shipped, we charge one flat fee of $10 and not a penny more. Another method we use is pick-up orders. Customers can come to our offices and receive their tickets at no charge. At various events, like the Big 12 tournament or March Madness games, we have a sales representative on-site to deliver your tickets to you for free as well. Tickets For Less wants customers to enjoy their event while also saving at check out. Never pay a fee added on at check out again. Shop Tickets For Less and find no added charges or fees to your ticket and purchase tickets with honest value!

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