Sick feeling at the Royals game

The other day I was at the Kansas City Royals game. I had just settled into my seat that I had purchased from . I suddenly had a sick feeling go through my stomach. I thought that it might be the chicken fingers that I had just devoured from the concession stand. After thinking about it for a while and suddenly realized that it wasn’t the chicken after all.

The problem is that I just watched Mitch Maier trot out to center field AGAIN!! What does he have on the management? He doesn’t deserve to be on a Major League roster much less be in the starting lineup. Below is where he ranks in some key stats among American League outfielders. Keep in mind that there are only 42 starting outfielders in the American League.

Mitch Maier currently ranks;

49th in home runs with 2

32nd in RBI with 31

Tied for 67th in Stolen Bases with 0

42nd in Batting average with .257

59th in slugging % with .338

Are you kidding me? These numbers don’t even justify triple A. The only thing he brings to the team is he might be, and I repeat MIGHT be, an above average defensive outfielder. I guess if you give him that he might be qualified for defensive replacement. I do think there are plenty of better options than him for that already on the roster. Is Gordon ready to come back?

I know that I will be going back to many Kansas City Royals games. When I do I visit . If you would like to join me in seeing how long before Maier gets sent to the Kansas City baseball teams minors, you can reach at 913-685-3322 or visit them on line at . By the way I might be switching to hot dogs instead of chicken fingers.

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