Over 4th of July weekend, my wife and I took in a game at the new Target Field and saw the Minnesota Twins host the Tampa Bay Rays.  Even though the home team Minnesota Twins lost, we had a great time at the new Twins ballpark.  We got our tickets at and sat in the new Legends Club.  The Legend’s Club pays tribute to the greatest players in the history of the franchise: Rod Carew, Kirby Puckett, & Harmon Killebrew (Legend theme).    The Legends Club is located on the club level between first and third base.  The club at Target Field is located indoors, so it would be a great place to cool down from the outside heat.  You are able to walk from the first base side of the Legends Club to the third base side of the Legends Club.   There are two nice bars, a couple of great buffets,  and easy access to concessions and restrooms.  If you get there early, you might even be able to score seats on the front row of the glass overlooking the field.    Don’t worry if you don’t get seats indoors.  The seats outside are in the open air and offer a great view.  How long as it been since you were able to take in a game outside?  In addition to the view, you get waitress service at your seats.  The next time you are wanting to go in style, I would suggest contacting at 913-685-3322 and purchasing Legends Club tickets at the new Target Field.    Weather you are wanting to go to the new Target Field or Kauffman Stadium, Tickets For Less is the best place to purchase tickets to see your favorite baseball team at home or on the road.

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