Soria Out, Crow In

After another blown save on Memorial Day, Joakim Soria has lost his closing job. The Kansas City Royals went into the 9th inning with a one run lead. Soria struck out the lead off batter and made every Royals fan believe they had the old Soria for at least this game. But then the next batter got a hit and after getting down in the count 2-0 to Torri Hunter, he left a ball over the middle of the plate that Hunter doesn’t miss. With that one swing the Royals baseball team lost the lead, lost the game, and lost their all-star closer.

After the game Manager Ned Yost told the media that the Royals were going to let someone else close games, for now at least while Soria tries to find his groove again. The likely replacement for Soria will be rookie Aaron Crow. Crow has an ERA of 1.33 for the season in 27 innings and has looked dominant. In 21 appearances on the year, only twice has Crow allowed a earned run.

Soria’s time is not totally over yet, though, he still has a chance to reclaim his closer position later in the year. He just needs time out of the spot lot to work on his mechanics and whatever else he needs to, to get back to his all-star status. The good news for the Royals’ is that they have several young pitchers in their bullpen and in their farm system. Even if Crow struggles and can’t handle the closer role, Kansas City has other options they can try.

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