On the Road Again…

The Kansas City Royals take to the road for their first series outside Kauffman Stadium this week. They start today with the first of a three game series against the Detroit Tigers. Let’s hope they look better against Detroit at Comerica Park then they did in the series with the Tigers at Kauffman Stadium. The Royals need to win some games on the road because they are not back in KC again until Friday, April 23rd. After Detroit, the Royals have to head to Minnesota to tackle the Twins over the weekend and then travel to Canada to go up against the Toronto Blue Jays. You can be sure by then that Kansas City Royals tickets for the weekend of April 23rd will be popular since the team will have been on the road for nearly two weeks. The Kansas City baseball fans will be eager to get back out to the K, enjoy the nice weather and cheer on the team. Plus, the Royals host the Minnesota Twins at Kauffman Stadium on the weekend of the 23rd, and this is always a popular series with Royals and Twins fans alike. If you need Kauffman Stadium tickets for the April 23rd – 25th weekend series against the Twins, get them now by visiting www.ticketsforless.com or call the friendly staff of Tickets For Less at 913-685-3322.

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