The next Kansas head football coach Is?

After Kansas just fired Charlie Weis a couple weeks ago there have been a lot of rumors going around as to who the next head football coach will be.  Jim Harbaugh rumors floated around and that is just a giant dream and even if he considered going to KU the Jayhawks can’t afford him. With the money Kansas owes Weis after firing him the best option for the Jayhawks is to hire within.

Clint Bowen is the man for this job. The passion he has for the University of Kansas and the fact that he’s not in it for the money is huge for the Jayhawks. Bowen won’t be requiring a big contract and considering Kansas owes Weis so much money Bowen is the best option. The players seem to love Coach Bowen and put together there best game in five years this past Saturday as they almost knocked off 16th ranked Oklahoma State.

Personally, I hope Kansas can finish 2014 strong and that they will realize that Clint Bowen is the best option for the head coaching job. The reality is Kansas has a 1 in a million chance to land a Jim Harbaugh and they don’t have the money to sign him. The Jayhawks seem to enjoy playing football again for the first time in years under Bowen.

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