The 10 Most Popular Tickets on Tickets For Less in 2016

most popular tickets in 2016

The Denver Broncos won Superbowl 50. The Cleveland Cavaliers ended a decades-long misery by winning the NBA Finals, and the Chicago Cubs ended a century-long curse by clenching the 2016 World Series title. Hamilton set records on Broadway, and Bieber, Adele, and Carrie Underwood made the rounds on tour. It’s been a year to remember for fans.

So what was the most popular ticket for 2016?

The Kansas City Royals took the crown for most popular tickets for KC-based Tickets For Less, with the Chiefs and Jayhawks rounding out the top three for the most popular tickets of the year. However, some of the year’s hottest music acts were right on their heels.

Ticket For Less’ Top 10 most popular tickets in 2016:

  1. Kansas City Royals
  2. Kansas City Chiefs
  3. Kansas Jayhawks Basketball
  4. Kenny Chesney
  5. Copa
  6. Big 12 Tournament
  7. Cleveland Indians
  8. Chicago Cubs
  9. Carrie Underwood Tour
  10. 49ers

Source Tickets For Less. List of top live events in the U.S. based on total value of ticket sales for each event.

Kansas City local sports teams, Kenny Chesney and Copa claim the top five spots for 2016’s most popular tickets.

While some of the tickets’ popularity aren’t too surprising; Kenny Chesney’s Spread the Tour grossed $40.3 million in ticket sales, others were unexpectedly successful, such as Copa, which  made it’s first U.S. appearance with ticket prices that easily surpassed more than $100.

Finishing out the list are Big 12 Tournament tickets, tickets for World Series contenders: Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs, Carrie Underwood’s Storyteller Tour, and the 49ers.

With Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Tim McGraw & Faith Hill touring in 2017, it will be interesting to see how the most popular tickets change and stay the same.

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