The truth about the Texans game

Typically, as a Chiefs fan, I would be incredibly upset with the way the game turned out Sunday against the Houston Texans. Most of the time I would be discusted, nauseated, and down right fed up with the effort put out on the field. The entire day Sunday, I was watching the game with my crew, and online you could find a slew of reporters tweeting comments showing their up most respect for the Chiefs.

Controlling a 14 point lead through the first half of the game ( on the road) gives good reason for reporters to believe we have a solid team capable of long term success. I agree with most of the comments I heard. Statements like “this Kansas City Chiefs team is not one to be overlooked, they are good….really good.” and……………..throughout the majority of the game, I agree.

There is something different about the way the 2010 Chiefs play. Not only do they have the flashy playmakers, but when the playmakers aren’t as flashy, and teams figure us out a bit, we still find a way to stay in the game. You have to repspect that a bit.

Usually after an NFL team takes a loss, it’s easy to make an analysis pinpointing exactly “what” this team needs to improve on. What are their weaknesses that the victor exploited so well? In this case, especially for a team like the Chiefs (where it’s so easy to pick on them) I can’t really find an area where the Chiefs need to strive hard to improve. Not yet at least.

I think there are three key reasons the Chiefs lost the game on Sunday.

1.) The Derrick Ward run- It killed our momentum- It’s not enough though to blame the defensive line and secondary, because there has been so few times a run that big has developed. We are talking 2010 only. You can’t expect perfection.

2.) The high pooch kick from Sucopp, when led to Leach running to the 50 yd line, giving great field postion to the Texans.

3.) The pass interference call on Flowers. That was as poor of a call as you will see. The fact that it happened at the time it did even makes it worse.

So, in the long run- The Chiefs really didn’t do too much to hurt their ability to win. The blown call by the ref was by far the biggest factor playing into why the Chiefs lost. Flowers had him on lock down defense and there was minimal contact. It was simply a poor call in favor of the home team that had an incredible impact on the result of the game. Chiefs lose 35-31.

Next weeks test will be similar to the Houston game. Sure the game is home at Arrowhead, which gives us a heavy advantage, but Jacksonville is randomly tough to beat. The Chiefs cannot afford to lose three straight games and go back to 500. If the team plans to become a contender in the West we have to win the easier games, especially when the other teams in the division are losing as well. When opportunities arise such as these, it’s the winners in the world that take full advantage. They realize an opportunity like that, and pounce. The Chiefs can’t afford to play around. Man up, accept the past, and beat down every team from here on. Kansas City has the talent to do so, and in the NFL, these good fortunes don’t last very long. They come and go, and this team needs to close the door on the division when they have the menality, talent, and fan base to make it happen.

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