Top 6 Kansas City Concert Venues

With all the Kansas City concert venues in the surrounding area, these are the top 6 Kansas City concert venues. From outdoor venues, to prohibition era theaters and all those in between, these six venues have it all.  Before going to any concert venue, make sure you know the ins and outs and the tips and perks of any place you plan on attending. We got you covered for these top 6 Kansas City concert venues!

1. Arrowhead Stadium


Kansas City concert venues

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Address: 1 Arrowhead Dr, Kansas City, MO 64129

Seating Capacity: 76,416 varies depending on the performer

History: Arrowhead opened its stadium to concerts for the first time in 1984 with The Jacksons, Victory Tour! Since then, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, NYSNC, Taylor Swift and Kenny Chesney have performed at Arrowhead. Within the last four years, Kenny Chesney holds the record for most consistent performances at Arrowhead. Chesney will return once again in July 2018.

Kansas City Concert venues

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Perks of Arrowhead Stadium: One of the greatest assets to Arrowhead being a top Kansas City concert venue is the parking lot. The parking lot is HUGE. All concert goers can show up hours before the performance, pitch a tent, get the grill going and enjoy a few cold ones. If you ever have the chance to go to a concert at Arrowhead, be sure to go early and enjoy the noises, smells and excitement in the parking lot. You cannot tailgate like this at any other Kansas City concert venue. Once inside, Arrowhead has all the drink and food stations open. Enjoy some Topsy’s popcorn and a frozen Margarita right before the key performer opens the stage. Don’t forget the earplugs, though. The noise might shake you to the core! Doesn’t get much better than that!

Tips for Attending: No matter where you sit at Arrowhead, it’s a great seat. However, be sure to look at ticket specifics. Some concerts set up creates obstructed views. Also, make sure you know which gate to enter to best get to your seat. If you park in Lot C but have to enter through the Hy-Vee gate on the other side of the stadium, it’s best to park there. Food and drinks are expensive at Arrowhead, so be sure to load up at the tailgate before entering!

Parking Instructions: The traffic is not ideal hours before a concert or even a game for that matter. However, we have a secret. If you’re taking 435 E toward Des Moines, take exit 66B onto Blue Pkwy. Turn right onto E 55th ST then take a left onto Blue Ridge Cut Off. Stay on this road and you’ll run right into Arrowhead parking, minus all the traffic. It’s a well kept secret and one that will save you 20-30 minutes round trip. Arrowhead parking can get expensive if you wait until arrival to pay. Get your parking pass before you go and save big.

Guidelines and Policies: Arrowhead has a clear bag policy. Make sure to switch out your bags before walking to the gates and having to turn around! If you’re planning on drinking at the concert, be sure to know when stands stop selling alcoholic beverages. It varies depending on the length of the concert but if you’re wanting one more drink, you’ll have to plan accordingly. It’s important to stay safe. Designate a driver before the concert.

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2. Arvest Bank Theater at the Midland a.k.a. Midland Theatre

Kansas City Concert Venues

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Address: 1228 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64105

Seating Capacity: 3,200

Kansas City Concert venues

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History: Constructed during the prohibition era, the theater opened in 1927. This theater has hosted more than 600 events, 500,000+ guests and is known for its remarkable beauty and intricate detail inside. In 2008, after constructing and rebuilding, the theater reopened. This Kansas City concert venue has hosted many events ranging from concerts, to orchestras, galas, comedians and more.

Perks of the Midland Theater: When you enter the theater, you’ll find a full service bar with premium drinks. While you hangout before the show starts, you can admire the beautiful detail and structure. It feels as though you’ve gone back in time. Relive the olden days in this vintage concert venue. Another perk is the extra purchase of the VIP lounge options. Reviews on google state that it’s a great advantage to get the most of the show. The great location perks don’t stop there. Before or after the show, you can head to Power and Light and visit great restaurants and bars.

Tips for Attending: Head to the Indie on Main, right next door to the theater at the corner of 13th and Main. This specialty bar serves event goers and allows for expedited entrance to the show. The theater is in close corners and it is best to arrive early. There are only a few ways to get in and sometimes lines can form longer than you would expect. Go early and enjoy a drink or two and then get in with ease instead of fighting the crowds. Once inside the Midland, visit the Chandelier bar on the top floor of the theater. It is a GA option but one with many perks like enhanced sound and fully equipped bar.

Parking Instructions: When looking for Midland Theater parking, there is a garage right across the theater, allowing concert goers to walk  right on over. Midland parking is easy and cheap, and even possibly free, if you do it right. Because the Midland is in a central location downtown, there are lots all around and meters on the street. If you go to a concert later in the evening, the meter won’t be running and you will have a free spot!

Guidelines and Policies: If you have a child younger than 11 months, admission is free. However, make sure to check with that event’s policies because there may be certain age requirements to attend. For specific questions regarding the Midland Theater, be sure to contact their customer service. Tickets For Less can answer many questions as well. Be sure to check off all the questions before heading downtown to Kansas City to make sure you have a smooth evening!

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3. Providence Medical Center Amphitheater

Kansas City concert venues

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Address: 633 N 130th St, Bonner Springs, KS 66012

Seating Capacity: 18,000

History: Although the name has changed a few times from Sandstone Amphitheater, then Cricket Wireless and currently the Providence Medical Center Amphitheater, this Kansas City concert venue is one unlike the rest. The amphitheater opened in 1984 and has since gone under new management. With new management, came changes and upping the look of the theater in 2016. The new changes allow for better views in the pit close to the stage, a difference of assigned seating chairs and more. This open-air theater features pit general admission, suites, lawn spots and reserved seating.

Kansas City Concert venues

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Perks of the Providence Amphitheater: Because of the renovation, this amphitheater has great up-front views of the stage for general admission. Sometimes concerts last a while and for some reason, everyone seems to head to the bathroom at the exact same time. Lucky for concert goers here, this Kansas City concert venue has lots of bathrooms and stalls. Lines are limited and with courteous staff cleaning up, the bathrooms stay fresh and ready to get you in and out. During fun summer nights, everyone can enjoy the beautiful outside concert venue. Because it’s outside, the music is full blast. The general seating on the lawn on the hill gets you affordable seats and is still a great view of the stage and performers.  This theater hosts a multitude of events from rock to country and everything in between.

Tips for Attending: The funneling in to the parking lot is a bit unorganized since there are limited ways to get in. Fret not! Arrive early and post up on the lawn inside the amphitheater. You are allowed to bring in blankets and pillows and sealed water bottles. The food here is not too terribly expensive either. Another tip on parking, the lots don’t circle through one another. If you plan to meet up with friends, be sure to specify which side of the venue you’re on so everyone can park close. With the woods nearby and grass everywhere, bring bug spray. You’ll thank us later.

Parking Instructions: You can find Providence amphitheater parking on both sides on 130th St. and State Ave. Neither side is faster than the other so pick a line and stick with it. You’ll make it there eventually. Make sure to have a playlist and some snacks because the parking lines can get long. Roll down the windows and enjoy time with your friends before the concert. Soon, you’ll be standing and cheering so maybe the parking traffic is a blessing in disguise to help concert goers to get some much needed rest. Most parking is $10 a car or $20 for VIP parking. It may be cash only so be prepared.

Guidelines and Policies: Although Providence Amphitheater is mostly grass seating, make sure you’re only bringing blankets to sit on. No lawn chairs or outdoor furniture is allowed. Even if the weather is raining and leaves you soaked, umbrellas are forbidden too. One more thing, no matter how hot it is, a cooler cannot be taken into the venue. Review all the guidelines before going to avoid walking back and forth to your car to drop off things you cant bring in.

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4. Sprint Center

Kansas City concert venues

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Address: 1407 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64106

Seating Capacity: 18,972

Kansas City Concert venues

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History: This Kansas City concert venue opened in October 2007. Just three days after the grand opening, Elton John graced the building by being the first ever performance at Sprint Center.  In November 2007, Garth Brooks sold out nine shows at Sprint Center. In 2010, Sprint Center earned the title as America’s fifth busiest arena and the thirteenth busiest worldwide. Sprint Center is home to the Big 12 conference tournament as well as various NCAA national tournament games during March. Home to NHL games, college sports across the board, NBA games, concerts, ice skating spectacular shows and much more you won’t want to miss. Occasionally, you’ll see some artists and stars on stage for their first debut or you may catch a seasoned performer at Sprint Center. This Kansas City concert venue is one of many but hosts a multitude of events and won’t stop in the coming future.

Perks of the Sprint Center:  Because Sprint Center is so big, there is a wide variety of seating which allows for a ticket for everyone’s budget. You can splurge and sit front row or scrape up your couch change and sit up top. Either way, it’s a good view. The upper levels are built perfectly to allow you to see everything, just maybe not the beads of sweat on the performers forehead. If you really want to splurge, Sprint Center has lots of tickets in premium seating. For example, you can purchase suites and founder’s club tickets, which offer you extra perks like parking, exclusive entrance and more! Another perk is the parking across the street at Power and Light.

Tips for Attending: In one of the best spots in town, don’t spend valuable dollars on drinks and food inside Sprint Center. Instead, head over to Power and Light for a before and after show. Plus, you’ll get more bang for your buck there. One tip for fans wanting tickets last minute, be careful of scalpers for big events. Because the arena is so big, there are many tickets out on the market. Watch out for people trying to scam you tickets.

Parking Instructions: No matter where you’re coming from, Sprint Center offers directions and parking locations all over Kansas City. Sprint Center parking is easy and although it isn’t free, it is inexpensive depending on the location. There are over 20 locations listed on Sprint Center to park at within a six mile radius.

Guidelines and Policies: Customers in need of handicap seats or those needing to host private events and need more information, visit Sprint Center for all their policies and guidelines. Information on smoking, limo/taxi locations and entrance times can all be found online. Entrance will vary depending on the event but you can always be assured if you get tickets from Tickets For Less. We will make sure you have all the information you need.

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5. Starlight Theater

Kansas City concert venues

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Address: 4600 Starlight Rd, Kansas City, MO 64132

Seating Capacity: 7,958

Kansas City Concert venues

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History: Starlight opened officially in 1951, after many years of construction and fundraising. It is only one of two remaining self-producing outdoor theaters operated in the U.S.  In 2000, a new stage was built standing 10 stories tall and around 12,000 sq.ft. The stage, contributed from Jeannette and Jerome Cohen, was a new feature of Starlight. It was built to withstand all climates and was a capturing stage for many Broadway musicals to stop in Kansas City on their tours. In 2013, the International Association of Venue Manager awarded Starlight with a “Venue of Excellence Award.”

Perks of Starlight Theatre: When you go to this Kansas City concert venue, you’ll find great food like a hummus snack pack with pita, Italian, Mexican, salad and wraps bistro, BBQ, burgers, as well as alcoholic stands and much more. What’s the greatest thing about this assortment of food? Glad you asked. It’s inexpensive and affordable. You can buy meals priced at $7 and you’ll be full! Not only will your stomach be happy but Starlight is a feast for your eyes. The park scenery is gorgeous. It’s a great view from all seats. Never worry about missing part of the stage because the construction of the theater is perfect. Another neat aspect is the indoor series at Starlight.

Tips for Attending: When attending in the summer, plan accordingly to weather. Sometimes it may get warm and sometimes it may pour. No one can predict the weather but you can always be prepared. Whether you’re attending for a concert or theater show, arrive with enough time to park and walk around. It’s a big area and once inside, you can visit the gift shop or snack on specialty foods.

Parking Instructions: Starlight theater parking is $7 per vehicle or $12 if you park on the paved road. However, if you’re looking for Starlight Indoors series, you can self park for free. If you park further away, there is a shuttle in the parking lot that gives curbside service.

Guidelines and Policies: Because Starlight is outside from April to October, be sure to look over their rain policy and other faqs. Also, Starlight does in fact have a dress policy. Although not strict, there are limitations to what concert and event goers can wear. It’s a family friendly Kansas City concert venue and they ask to appropriate attire for all ages.

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6. Uptown Theater

Kansas City Concert Venues

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Address: 3700 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64111

Seating Capacity: 1,700

Kansas City Concert venues

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History: The last of the Kansas City concert venues is Uptown Theater in downtown Kansas City. It opened on January 6th, 1928. Built for the American maker and Universal Pictures founder, Carl Laemmle, Uptown was home to musicals, movies, concerts and more. In the late 1930’s, Uptown theater tried to improve its experience by infiltrating and copyrighting a new system called a “Fragratone system.” This system released fragrances into the air via the auditorium ventilation ducts. By 1994, a $15 million renovation project took place lead by the UGA LLC.

Perks of Uptown Theater: No matter if you’re coming from near or far, you can find free Uptown parking nearby at Uptown Shoppes lot directly north at 3600 and Broadway. It’s also in a prime location downtown close to other great places and restaurants. Uptown is nostalgic and shows the great beauty of the olden days of theater. When you walk in, you see all the details and chandeliers, taking you back in time. No matter where you sit, you’ll have great views.

Tips for Attending: There are no food venues once inside for concerts. Be sure to go to any of the great restaurants downtown before you go. It’s close within walking distance to many restaurants so you won’t have to venture far. If you do choose to drive, arrive an hour before to secure a parking spot in the lot nearby. Many of the lots fill up fast, especially if other events are going on the same night.

Parking Instructions: When looking for Uptown parking, as stated above, go to 3600 Broadway for free parking. 816 Hotel offers complimentary shuttle services to Uptown if you can’t get to parking or you decide to stay downtown and don’t have a ride.

Guidelines and Policies: If you’re planning a visit, be sure to look over the Uptown Faq sheet. Here, you’ll find what you can and cannot bring, like large backpacks and no signs or flags, but you’ll also find information about seating, smoking and more.

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